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December 29, 2016

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SHL™ Heel Inserts by MBC Technical

SHL™ Stop Heel Lift boot heel inserts is our best selling product by far. This is the reason I started this website because I wanted to help people like me who have experienced extreme foot pain from over tightened Snowboard/Ski boots from getting Heel Lift.

My earliest memories of skiing on school trips and many dry slope visits are of sloppy fitting ski boots. God knows how I managed to keep skiing in a straight line!

My first season was working for an English company in France, Chalet Beaumont in Chamonix as a Ski Rep which was at the time my life dream to live in the mountains for a whole winter. I Skied a bit but bought a Snowboard quite early on and didn't get back on a pair of Skis until a Rossignol demo day at a snow dome back in the UK when I was working at Snow and Rock.

I worked in and eventually ran the Ski / Snowboard department and workshop for 5 seasons and by the end had seen well over a 1000 pairs of feet. Sometimes just to help people who couldn't afford new boots I would fit bits of boot fitting foam but not used the templates we had which tended to push the feet forward and could lead to other toe issues, like black toenails. It was after I left Snow and Rock that SHL™ was born and I realised that having a free online Boot Fit Problem Solver and SHL™, Heel Raises and Volume Reducers I could help solve many of the same issues I had seen many times.

The Original SHL™ I brought to market worked well but the new Version2 SHL™ are so much better. They are made with higher density Plastizote foam and are actually thicker too so they give more grip for much longer than before. I use these in my own boots! Yes I should by new ones....

Stop Heel Lift .com now posts to 39 countries and has helped thousands of Skiers and Snowboards get the most from their winter holiday and we hope to keep on doing just that.

Love to all,

Mark Clark


October 14, 2015

MBC Technical SHL™ Version2 now available

We are totally chuffed to be able to introduce the new SHL™ Version2! This version will replace the original but we will keep selling the original at £8.99 until they run out. We are still offering FREE postage on all orders over £15 so buy 2 sets and get FREE worldwide postage!

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Paddleboard SUP Rail Tape from MBC Technical

We are now stocking MBC Technical SUP Rail Tape. It is totally clear and unbranded so you can put it on your new paddleboard and hardly tell it is there. It is also super light so doesn't add to that light board you spent so much money on! From only £15.99 with free worldwide delivery. Go check 'em out...

We also have a few pairs with some slight creases on which we are selling discounted. Look on the drop down menu when selecting your size for the slightly creased ones. They are marked as so.

November 20, 2014

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Where to put Volume Reducer in Ski and Snowboard Boots

Recently we had someone asking about where the Volume Reducer should go in their Ski Boots.

The Volume Reducers we sell can be put into any type of footwear but this article is for Ski and Snowboard boots alike.

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November 13, 2014

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November 06, 2014

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Christmas Presents for Snowboarders!

We have lots of ideas here for snowboarders for Xmas!...of course we do...

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September 02, 2014

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British Ski Boot Fitters Association

We are recognised by our good friends at the British Ski Boot-Fitters Association. Most of our expertise has been developed through experience and knowledge from the founding members of the BSBA so they have no hesitation in recommended our online services. Of course we can never replace the one to one service by a qualified Boot Fitter but we can offer help and advice and products to help ease and even solve problems.

The BSBA  even have a link to us on their website. The BSBA is the only Ski Boot Fitters body in the UK and rightly so. Well, at least there is one. It used to be up to the individual store to train their boot fitters and when you go to get fitted it would come down to who you got to help you on the day as to how your boots got fitted. Well done to the BSBA to try to offer some continuity for this process. Of course I won't take anything away from some UK stores who I know take great pride in their boot fitting so don't be put off going to a UK store to get fitted, I used to work in one!

Happy Skiing!