How to go for that apres ski drink! |

How to go for that apres ski drink!

This one used to really bug me. You have a really nice snowboard (or pair of skis) and you suddenly find yourself being pressured (of course) into going for an apres ski pint with some new found 'chairlift friends'. There's a new one for the inbetweeners....ahem, so yes this used to happen to me alot, maybe not with this scenario but the need for a straight to the pub drink still fully clad in mountain gear but you REALLY don't want to leave your board unattended.

The day I discovered the pocket number security lock was a pretty big deal. Mainly because it meant no more need to worry about someone walking off with my snowboard and no more need to run outside every 5 minutes to check. OK, I still do that a little...

I carry my lock in my pocket all the time these days so I can also help my buddies keep their stuff safe which is why we had to get some simple locks to sell on Lets face it, if someone really wants to steal something they will find a way but most thefts are due to the opportunity being there and even a basic lock will put would-be thieves off.

We have 2 types of locks from Daemon. One has a thicker cable and is a little heavier but more secure and the other is the one I carry around all the time as you can see in the pic.

Spot the lock!

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