Kitesurfing Kiteboard and Wakeboard GoPro Mount without bolts and leash by Flymount

FREE WORLDWIDE DELIVERY if buying 2 or more!

  • Get amazing footage!
  • Fits all GoPro and Yo! cameras
  • Secure fit at any fin point
  • Made in Great Britain by Flymount UK
  • R&D'd by MBC Technical
  • Super strong reinforced Nylon PA66
  • Only 10g! Can be left on when not in use
  • Very low profile

TIP: Use a 4:3 filming mode like 960x1280 to get in more top and bottom image i.e. get your whole self in! Or use Superview on the GoPro 3+, 4 & 5 models which is a 16:9 letterbox frame.

Size Chart

Use this size chart to work out your size across all measurement units.

Mondo Point is the world metric standard and is how most Ski and Snowboard boots are measured.