MBC Technical Boot Fit Pack

  •   SHL™ (Version2) Size1 (x2)
  •   SHL™ (Version2) Size2 (x2)
  •   Volume Reducer Size1 (x1)
  •   Volume Reducer Size2 (x1)
  •   Heel Raise Size1 (x1)
  •   Heel Raise Size2 (x1)

The Boot Fit Pack is exclusive to StopHeelLift.com ~ you won't find this ANYWHERE else!

RRP £127.92!

You never know when you might need some boot fit products. Even the most expensive boots WILL pack down eventually, and if that time becomes apparent mid way through your holiday in that remote mountain chalet, you want to know you have some MBC Technical boot fit products handy.
The items come in a protective cardboard box which will keep the contents in tip top condition, easy to put in your luggage until you need it.
*You will need a pair of scissors to cut the Volume Reducers.

Size Chart

Use this size chart to work out your size across all measurement units.

Mondo Point is the world metric standard and is how most Ski and Snowboard boots are measured.