Wax Scraper

  • 130mm x 60mm
Butta Wax Scraper
High quality clear acrylic Ski and Snowboard scrapers with Butta branding. This scraper works on Skis and Snowboards, don't be fooled into buying a large one for snowboards, you can get more pressure with a smaller one! That's why we don't sell bigger ones. Easily sharpened (with a fine metal file) so will last a 'lifetime'. Butta branded sticker in various colours applied to top.


TIP: Use a fine metal file to sharpen the edge of your scraper after each ski or board is de-waxed. This makes it super easy to scrape off the wax every time.

Size Chart

Use this size chart to work out your size across all measurement units.

Mondo Point is the world metric standard and is how most Ski and Snowboard boots are measured.