REALLY COMFY Black Cotton Face Covering 'Korean Style' with Skull and CrossBones

Black Cotton Face Covering
'Korean Style' with Skull and Cross Bones Logo

  • These are REALLY COMFY!
  • 100% Dual Layer Cotton
  • 40° Washable!
  • One Size

'I have tried a few types now and have been looking for something comfortable. These are the best I have found. They don't break like the disposable ones and you can wash these. They also do let a little air through so they don't make your face sweat much at all. Also they don't seem to fall down like some do. These have elastic ear bits that pull just enough.' - Mark

These face coverings do let some air through but they do enough to adhere to current UK law. It is a double layer cotton design.

Please ask if you have any questions.

Size Chart

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