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Where to put Volume Reducer in Ski and Snowboard Boots

Recently we had someone asking about where the Volume Reducer should go in their Ski Boots.

The Volume Reducers we sell can be put into any type of footwear but this article is for Ski and Snowboard boots alike.

On the fitting instructions on the Volume Reducers by MBC Technical it says to put the Volume Reducer directly below the footbed / innersole inside the liner. You can put the Volume Reducer between the liner and the outer shell but you will find that this has little effect on the 'snugging up' of the boot once put back on. The reason for this is that when the Volume Reducer is put into the liner (under the innersole) it serves to lift your entire foot within the liner into the more snug part of the liner so directly effecting the fit. Putting it in the shell, under the liner simply has a less direct effect, it will make the boot feel a little smaller but not to the extent.

If you play around with the placing you will discover this for yourself, it is much better and more effective to put the Volume Reducer directly into the liner underneath the footbed / innersole. This is the same for Heel Raises also.


Mark Clark
Mark Clark


Owner of MBC Technical and StopHeelLift.com