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British Ski Boot Fitters Association

We are recognised by our good friends at the British Ski Boot-Fitters Association. Most of our expertise has been developed through experience and knowledge from the founding members of the BSBA so they have no hesitation in recommended our online services. Of course we can never replace the one to one service by a qualified Boot Fitter but we can offer help and advice and products to help ease and even solve problems.

The BSBA  even have a link to us on their website. The BSBA is the only Ski Boot Fitters body in the UK and rightly so. Well, at least there is one. It used to be up to the individual store to train their boot fitters and when you go to get fitted it would come down to who you got to help you on the day as to how your boots got fitted. Well done to the BSBA to try to offer some continuity for this process. Of course I won't take anything away from some UK stores who I know take great pride in their boot fitting so don't be put off going to a UK store to get fitted, I used to work in one!

Happy Skiing!

Mark Clark
Mark Clark


Owner of MBC Technical and