Size2 has now SOLD OUT. As of 15/03/2016
SHL™ Version2 has replaced SHL™ Original.
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  • Dramatically reduce heel lift
  • Increase control and power
  • More efficient motion to go for longer
  • Reduce the need to over tighten your boots
  • More comfort!

One set of SHL™ contains 4 'L' shaped pieces, two for each foot.

Ski and Snowboard:
Buy these if your heels lift in your boots. SHL™ will bring back that heel hold like when they were new. All boots pack down eventually even the most expensive ones!
SHL™ can be used with Volume Reducers and Heel Raises if required.

Other types of footwear:
MBC Technical SHL™ can only be used in boots with removable liners. This includes most B3 rated Mountaineering boots. Please look at a Heel Raise and or Volume Reducers for boots without removable liners such as walking boots and wellingtons.

How to Fit ~ The Finger Fit Method
 As hands and feet grow relative to each other, so you can fit your own pads using your fingers to ensure that they are positioned correctly. This method also takes into account that the inner ankle bone is higher than your outer ankle bone. The angle of the pads also helps to lock the heel in place.
 The inside pad should be placed 3 fingers up and the outer, 2 fingers up. The pads should be two fingers apart at the bottom and 3 fingers apart at the top. When replacing liners, use fore finger and thumb to cover/hold the pads in place as much as possible, whilst pushing liners back. It is then important to try your boots on and wear them for 5-10 minutes as the foam adjusts to your feet. The position of the pads can be changed if you feel you need to.

For more information on SHL™ please visit the FAQ's page.

Size Guide

Size Chart

Use this size chart to work out your size across all measurement units.

Mondo Point is the world metric standard and is how most Ski and Snowboard boots are measured.