Windsurf Board Rail Tape

Protect your precious windsurf board rails from the sand and pebbles that you put it down on to!
  • Different Lengths Available
  • Totally Transparent
  • Super Light at only 70 microns (140gsm)
  • UV Resistant (7 year life span)
  • Self Adhesive
  • Made in UK by UK Windsurfer!
  • Each tape is now cut individually for easier application
  • FREE Worldwide Postage

MBC Technical Windsurf / Paddleboard / SUP Rail Tape is completely transparent see through self adhesive (that means sticky to me and you). You can hardly tell it is on the board so has zero impact on the graphic / paint job but does a great a job of protecting it.

These Rail Tapes are posted World Wide for FREE in a sturdy box as you can see in the pictures.

Size Guide:

  • 1m tape is perfect for most WS boards (up to 250cm)
  • 1.5m tape for 250cm+
  • 2m tape is for long race boards only of 3m+

Fit Guide:

  • Clean the rails first with white spirit or vodka
  • Once dry, place tape on the rail at the widest part of the board for the best protection
  • Best done with the help of another person to hold the tape in the correct angle then peel back backing as you go
  • Finish by wiping the tape with clean cloth to make sure it is stuck down all over

NOTE: This rail tape is really good but you can still chip your board through it if you strike with something pointy and hard. You will go through any rail tape if hit hard enough. Fit to shiny rails only (most WS boards have shiny rails but please check).


Size Guide

Size Chart

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