Urban Kick Electric Skateboard by Slick Revolution

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*All Kicks have slight scratches to decks so there is already an extra £30 off

+ an Automatic £100 Discount at Checkout!

This is the best way to get that snowboard buzz in the summer months and it's a great workout for the legs.

Urban Kick Electric Skateboard with 110mm or 120mm Wheels

Huge spec and performance upgrades make the Flex-E 2.0 a true speed machine with an impressive 19 mile range, 27mph top speed as well as some unbelievable accelleration.

STORY: Why are there no decent kicktail electric skateboards available? Now there is, the Urban Kick, designed by Russell Brammer, an original skater and a deck manufacturing genius.

DESIGNED FOR URBAN RIDING: With a unique old school deck design, the Urban Kick brings skateboarding back to the heart of electric skateboards. Pop off curbs, tic tac around corners and enjoy all of the benefits of a kicktail deck.

The all new Advanced Controller has revolutionised our eboards. Packed with features and included as standard.

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