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Driver Tool
Driver Tool £8.49 £9.99
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Merino Ski Snowboard Socks MENS
Merino Ski Snowboard Socks MENS £22.99 £24.99
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Ski Snowboard Footbed by Slimflex
Ski Snowboard Footbed by Slimflex £20.99 £21.99
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Ortovox Long Sleeve Merino Base Layer 'Ocean Blue'
Ortovox Long Sleeve Merino Base Layer 'Ocean Blue' £54.99 £69.99
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Paddleboard SUP Rail Tape from MBC Technical

September 12, 2015

We are now stocking MBC Technical SUP Rail Tape. It is totally clear and unbranded so you can put it on your new paddleboard and hardly tell it is there. It is also super light so doesn't add to that light board you spent so much money on! From only £15.99 with free worldwide delivery. Go check 'em out... We also have a few pairs with some slight creases on which we are selling discounted. Look on the drop down menu when selecting your size for the slightly creased ones. They are marked as so.

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Where to put Volume Reducer in Ski and Snowboard Boots

November 20, 2014

Recently we had someone asking about where the Volume Reducer should go in their Ski Boots.

The Volume Reducers we sell can be put into any type of footwear but this article is for Ski and Snowboard boots alike.

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